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Great camera app.....when it works properly

I love this app for the interface and the control it gives over the camera but it always has some type of issue. Photos wouldn’t save to the camera roll in previous versions, using RAW format. Now, with this new update, it gives an error message when ISO is set at lowest settings and the app locks up. Please fix these issues or this app will be useless to me and I’ll have to use something else, say maybe Halide.

Latest update is snappy, but glitchy

I’ve been using Camera-M for some time now, since its quick-loading, responsive interface won me over after having used some of the other “pro” camera apps. The latest update continues the trend of emphasizing responsiveness and speed in development, but there seems to be a pretty major glitch: after taking a depth photo, tapping the gallery icon to view it brings up a white rectangle for a preview. Zooming in on the image a little causes it to display correctly, but this bug is a frustrating one because it takes an otherwise very efficient app and makes part of your workflow with it feel clumsy and inefficient.


I will enjoy this app very much. Really nice. Thank You

Depth mode

I have an ip8 and looking for a camera that can control the depth instead of buying new phone. I read the description said that it’s working with ip 8. But after purchasing, the depth control mode is not working on my ip8. Just like regular camera. Waste of money. I really want my money back.

The most underrated camera app available!!!

I stumbled upon this after trying SO many others and wasting my money on garbage. This is by far my favorite camera app of all time. Great interface with simple controls! It’s fast and has a lot of options. I can’t say enough good things about it! Keep up the great work devs!!!

Tools are awesome!!U can make the best of the best if u r clever

Tools are Amazing....I especially like the 4x Magnifier and auto focus too ...Let me guess this app is worth for 2.99dollars I like this app this is great for me U should buy if u like many tools for best photos

Great app, good price

Read the title

Waste of money!!!!

I purchased this app, hoping to take great pictures. When I opened this app, it was confusing and hard to use. I used it that one time and never again. It’s the biggest waste of $3 and the biggest mistake ever to buy. DO NOT RECOMMEND to anyone!!

One or two features I’d like to see

Overall this app works well on my iPad and allows pretty decent control. It won’t totally replace my compact DSLR until I can shoot 3 or 5 bracketed exposures in RAW to post process in HDR software, or handle some specific difficult lighting scenarios, such as flash illumination of a foreground subject at night while allowing for adequate exposure of lit-up background (e.g., street scene at night). Otherwise a very nice app.

Camera M

An unbelievable camera, professional pictures with minimal interface and a quick learn. 5 star

Nice app

Just started working with this Camera app. So far I am liking it! Takes great shots!

Great app

It’s a great camera app, it’s easy to use and I love it. I would give it 5 stars, But there is a little flaw, you can’t take picture by pressing volume buttons, which make taking selfies hard. Hope the devs fix this issue.

Great app

Super easy to use. My favorite manual camera app overall really good

Easy, useful

Please add anti-shake. If it’s in the app and I missed it I apologize. I have shakey hands and pairing the shutter to brief moments of non-movement is a must for me. Thank you.

One of the best manual cameras

I have only used Camera M for a few weeks,so this review will be brief. This app is one of the most unique manual camera apps that I have used. The swipe controls gives you fast and easily control your capture images. The image captures are excellent and one my top 5 camera apps. You will not be disappointed, My only problem is finding the instructions John

Not what I expected

I bought this app because I’ve been looking for a good portrait mode app and from the video shown I thought it would do just that. When I bought it I found that it blurred the whole picture and I couldn’t figure out how to edit even once I had taken the picture. Might be good for people not looking for portrait mode, but this app is not what I expected to get. Is it possible to get a refund?


I bought Camera-M yesterday and just started playing with it this morning. I’m so impressed... Camera-M might replace Camera+ as my everyday shooter and I love Camera+! Maybe find a way to reduce ISO? Maybe add another grid option with more grid lines? Bravo!

Love this App

Amazing design

Very good

Really like this.

Positively Amazing

It has everything you will ever need. I’m in love with an app.

Best camera app

4 stars only because it doesn't have an option to use the volume button to take photos.

My new favorite!

I love this app! It’s a joy to use. No gimmicks, just what is necessary. Beautiful interface.


Fantastic app and customer service. Finally a simple pro camera app that is wonderful to use and gets updated to be even better. Thank you, keep it coming.

Nice level of control but buggy raw capture

It seems lately on my iPhone 6s if I select raw for the file format the camera will lose the image shortly after capture (not there anymore when I go to see it , doesn't show up in camera-m or Snapseed like it did before). Jpeg seems unaffected.


I have been using Camera-M for about a month now with incredible results. It is now the only one I use. Photos are extremely sharp and I find it very easy to use.

Constantly asks for feedback within minutes of first open.

Even after saying I'd like to wait before giving feedback, it kept asking me to rate, getting in the way of the core functionality. I understand developers need feedback, but if it gets in the way of the app's purpose it's probably not the best way of asking.

Wonderful Camera!!

Excellent & Clear Photos! Thank You Very Much - ALOHA for Now-🌺Linda🌺

No f stop controls

Originally I was not happy with this product as I was interested in adjusting the f stop. However Developer quickly responded to me explaining that none of the apple products provide an ability to do so and the only two other variables responsible for exposure are ISO and Duration. I appreciate this explanation as it shows that developers really stand behind their product. I need to play with the app a bit more to get the most out of it.

Manual Camera Heaven

For anyone who wishes manual controls on a camera, this App is a welcome to heaven. My only wish is to have a hardware button available for trigger.

Great app but

My privacy settings won’t let me allow the app access to my photos.

Great pro manual cam app

It would be nice if you add portrait selfie feature.


Love the images so far! Am more of a video guy though and I got it thinking there was a video mode...Not sure may keep but video mode would sway me to!😎😉

Confusing and inconsistent UI

The app has very confusing and inconsistent UI, and lack recognition for swiping commands. For example, sometimes when I tap to focus on something, the app will track that item as I move the camera, but sometimes it doesn’t track anything. Also, the setting menu is not so organized and I had a hard time finding how to go back to shooting mode from setting page.

Excellent app

Excellent app 👍🏾

It's great. Seriously.

The photos I get from this app are insanely crisp and capture a ton of detail. My go to camera app after using for a week.


I purchased this app based upon the promise of better focusing and depth of field control, only to find that these features don’t work. In their video they briefly flash a notice that it only works on phones with dual cameras, but no where else have I found any mention of which models it works with. I feel that their description is deceptive and certainly can’t recommend this app or the developers.

Doesn’t have Bluetooth Compatibility

This app would be my favorite Camera app, and probably the only one I use on my phone, but I almost always use a Bluetooth remote to snap my photos from a tripod. It DOES NOT work on this app. That is a no-go for me. This becomes a useless and delete-able app.

Wow! Amazing

I have tried many many 3rd party camera apps but nothing ever really made say “ I will use this app instead of stock”. Camera-M makes me say, I am going to use this in replace of the stock app. The devs has really put a lot of though into this. Everything option the app has is really useful and easy to use. I love it this app.

Responsive Developer

Initially – though I like this app very much - I rated it one star because it kept prompting me over, and over, and over again to rate the app. Asking more than once is annoying; asking more than twice is obnoxious – especially for an app I’ve paid for. The developer explained, however, that this problem is created by Apple, not the developer. That being so, I am revising my review. This app is full-featured, with a user-friendly interface and excellent controls.

I lost camera features with the new update.

I lost the functionality to manually adjust my white balance, and focus. In the last update I was able to utilize the features. I hope your team can fix that and I’ll definitely go back to a 5 star. I purchased the app for the ability to use those very features. -Thanks to the developers for making it clear what was going on!

Amazing - for the advanced editor

This app is a dream come true for a photo editor who's advanced or not afraid to play around and figure stuff out. I can see this putting beginners or your aunt in a straight jacket.

Amazing control

Love all the settings and ability to control how you want the camera to function

Absolutely fantastic!

Camera-M just overtook every other camera app I have installed as my primary go-to for photography on iOS. This app is exquisitely designed and a joy to use. The built in guides are great at clarifying the bevy of features this app offers. I love the focus peaking and tracking, the intuitive, accessible controls and the clear feedback interactions (love the half-screen flash to indicate a reset completed). All in all Camera-M delivers the fit and finish I've been looking for in a camera app but haven't found... until now!

Still needs time in the oven

My initial impression was quite favorable, but I’ve had to delete it from my iPhone X. It seems when I tried to switch between W and T and Portrait modes, it either froze or the screen went black.

Pretty good start

Crashes often on my iPhone X but that’s about the only complaint I have


Video options is a must please add...

Needs aspect ratios!

Seems nice but doesn't support 16:9 photos. That's a major bummer for me.

Great and informative

Affordable and full of features!

A pleasure to use

This app is great, the most pleasant to use so far. Only thing missing is the depth feature using both cameras, unless I have missed it somewhere. Otherwise great app

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